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Dec 2, 2013 2:25am EST
? the answer is simple. there is a lot of irrational people making our laws and running our government. fortunately, believe it or not, i think it seems harder to believe some days, there are still rational people left in washington. and fortunately, some of them happen to be in republican leadership. i have spoken to john boehner. he wants to immigration done. he has to find a way to do it so that it passes muster in the house. sometimes that is mutually exclusive. it is not an easy needle to thread. i think it is premature to say that immigration reform is dead. it is not going to happen this year. but i keep hope alive that it may make a recovery and wake up from its, sometime spring of sometime incoma spring of next year. we will see. if we get immigration reform done and on the table, then republicans can talk to hispanics and other minority groups about other issues that are a priority to us. too often i hear folks say that if we pass immigration reform, we will be creating 11 million new democrats. the people who espouse this theory have one thing in common. not one of them is h
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1